Joël Troch

A student that loves computer programming who wishes to make his job.

About me

I made my early steps in IT at a very young age. We taught me a lot of "basic" things such as Ctrl+Alt+Del, networks, maintenance of Windows systems..

I'm a creative person whether it is in reality like virtual, I made many different things with everything and anything. At 10, I learnt how to create maps (levels) for the "Gold Source" engine (Half-Life 1, Counter-Strike 1.5/1.6/Condition Zero, Day of Defeat...) Learning XHTML 1.0/CSS 2/PHP 4 and the database management system MySQL marked the beginning of a passion for programming.

At 12 and 13, I learnt C/C++ and I've found a project called "Half-Life : ARRANGEMENT". I was amazed by this project that I decided to join the development team as a "Beta-Tester". Hunting bugs, report what's wrong, look into details in order to ease the developers work were among my tasks. We taught me many stuff in programming that I'm no longer a "Beta-Tester", I'm now an "Audio/Gameplay Programmer" for the project.

This concludes my little story. I like metal/rock music, some exceptions in other genres like classical/electro/soundtrack. I also like everything related to japanese culture, I'm an amateur otaku.

"The vocation, it's the happiness to have as job it's passion." - Stendhal, Le rouge et le noir (1830)




Bootstrap, JQuery Mobile, Symfony2

Foreign languages

Allemand (notions), Anglais (read and spoken)

Programming/scripting languages

C# .NET, CSS 3, HTML 5, Java, Javascript, PHP 5, Python, SQL


Android, Apache, Git, Linux (environment, shell), MySQL, Windows Server




Programming/scripting languages

Batch, C, C++


FMOD Studio (Low Level API), Gold Source, Unity



Total conversion for one of the most popular video games : "Half-Life 1" who gave birth to the popular "Counter-Strike" and "Team Fortress Classic". ARRANGEMENT (or "Am" for short) features an heavily modified "Gold Source" engine thanks to contributions from other similar projects and talented people.
A powerful audio engine powered by FMOD Studio (Low Level API) has been implemented by myself, this allow us to have high quality sounds. The music changes according to the game's intensity (a calm music when stealthing and a dynamic music in combat) and a reverberation system to imitate environements like a mine, a city, sewers...
The AI from Half-Life has been heavily improved, ennemies can now perform multiple actions at the same time like shooting and moving, reloading and moving... It's possible to intimidate enemies to surrender, use a special shotgun which fire shells filled with halite (or rock salt), and yell : "drop your weapon !".
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Implementation of FMOD Studio in a Half-Life 1 modification

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